Yes, you can go from Cape Town to Cape Point but you might end up in busy traffic or discover that Chapman's Peak is closed. We've already explained  why Gordon's Bay is the heart of the Cape, so why not go to Cape Point via False Bay? Start your route from Macassar and drive on the backside of Cape Town's biggest township called Khayelitsa to Muizenberg. You will be impressed about this coastal route along the sandy beaches where locals fish and a view over the thousands of tin houses and shacks that form the current Khayelitsa township. If you are interested in a township tour, we have the Lwandle Labour Migrant Museum in about 15 minutes from the guesthouse where the local guides are more than happy to tell you about and explain the impact of the past era of apartheid and the struggle for those who are the less fortunate. We can only state that the guests who spent the two hour tour, were impressed and support the initiative.

Once you arrive in Muizenberg with the surf dudes and the coloured houses on the beach, you will pass St. James, Kalk-Bay (named as coolest neighbourhood in the world) on your way to Simons Town and ulitmately, Cape Point. From Simons Town the entrance of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve Park is just another 11 km bringing you along stunning coast lines. The total distance of this route to Cape Point is 82km.

bay route

You can download the route here