With colonisation, the Cape of Good Hope established a lasting tradition of hospitality leading weary explorers and sailors to rename it 'The Tavern of the Seas'. The sight of majestic Table Mountain and the people who live beneath it are as welcoming today as they were all those years ago, the looming crags a striking landmark providing a magnificent backdrop to the vibrant, friendly Mother City.

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Cape Town Before the Dutch East India Company (VOC) established a 17th-century victualling station on Table Bay's pristine shore, the Cape Flats were hunted for hippopotami and other large game by the Khoi-Khoi and the San (Bushmen).

Modern Cape Town, with its extended seafront, underground malls and soaring skyscrapers holds itself dear to its origins. Explore the many fascinating museums and historical buildings reflecting the cultures shaping the city and the province it serves. The city boasts a vast range of shopping styles and opportunities, from the haggling between stallholders and shoppers at the Grand Parade's and Greenmarket Square's fleamarkets, to smooth, hassle-free self-service at countless sophisticated and stylish malls.

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With the onset of night, Capetonians metamorphose into raving revellers, patronising pubs, restaurants, clubs, cinemas and theatres offering conversation, food and entertainment from all corners of the globe. Table Mountain comes to light as live music pervades the neon night. Top rock, jazz, techno and classical musicians appear nightly at a wide array of live music venues. Popcorn flavours celluloid wonder in cinemas and the curtain goes up in theatres all over town.

Many of the world's scenic wonders are within a day's drive of the city centre. Magnificent seascapes and panoramic vistas abound on drives marrying the sea to the mountains. An endless coastline studded with white, sandy beaches lures swimmers, sunbathers and anglers to an appreciation of a life lived in wide-open spaces and fresh, blue air.

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