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Geocaching in Gordons Bay and Cape Town

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We have lots of caches in Gordons Bay and Cape Town!

For who has never heard of this modern treasure hunting, Geocaching is cool! People hide the caches (boxes) and then post GPS coordinates of their location on www.geocaching.com. Now the fun can start!

There are over ten different types of caches, some of which have small items that people can take and replace with new objects, but at the very least the caches will have a logbook for you to sign. We have plenty of geocaching spots in the area around Gordons Bay but ofcourse also around Cape Town. Have a look at the map below (click to enlarge) and watch the video at the bottom for an introduction:


Cape Town ranks as Lonely Planet's 2nd best city worldwide!

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You probable already knew this but it is official now. Cape Town ranks as Lonely Planet's 2nd best city worldwide!

Lonely Planet revealed the best of the best in travel in their newly published guide, Best in Travel 2017, which features picks from around the world in the categories for top countries, top regions, top cities and places offering the best value for money..


Cape Town, the City that has it all

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Cape Town Before the Dutch East India Company (VOC) established a 17th-century victualling station on Table Bay's pristine shore, the Cape Flats were hunted for hippopotami and other large game by the Khoi-Khoi and the San (Bushmen).

With colonisation, the Cape of Good Hope established a lasting tradition of hospitality leading weary explorers and sailors to rename it 'The Tavern of the Seas'. The sight of majestic Table Mountain and the people who live beneath it are as welcoming today as they were all those years ago, the looming crags a striking landmark providing a magnificent backdrop to the vibrant, friendly Mother City.

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