Penguins in Simons Town
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Penguins in Simons Town

You love penguins, so come to Simons Town.  Boulders each with its colony of thousands of African penguins.

This exquisite beach of Simons Town contains huge, rounded rocks (hence the name “Boulders”), and there are numerous coves and rock pools that beg to be explored. Swim with the penquins!

Simons Town Boulders Penguins

This pretty coastal town Simons Town is South Africa’s main naval base and consists of lovely Victorian buildings, quaint streets and walkways and a fascinating history.

Boulders is the largest mainland penguin colony in South Africa, and the easiest place to observe them. Authorities have set up boardwalks and viewing areas to make it easier for visitors to get photos of the penguins in action, and there are special nesting stations to protect their eggs. There’s a fee for entry to the boardwalk and visitor’s centre, but it’s free to access the public beaches on either side of the main colony, where swimming is permitted. When you’re in the water (which is usually extremely cold), there’s every chance you’ll be swimming among penguins; nowadays they’re reasonably habituated to humans and will let you get quite close. Touching them, however, is forbidden and—given that these are wild animals—it’s only fair to leave them in peace. Definitely do not feed them. If they approach you or show curiosity, simply enjoy a rare moment of human-animal interaction.

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